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Temperature Controlled Logistics and Storage (-25°C )

Your Cold Chain, Our Priority

Total storage volume
0 mc
Superficie totale celle
Total cell surface area
0 sqm
Posti pallet
Pallet places
Altezza sotto il plafone
Height under the ceiling
0 m
Superficie cella di stoccaggio
Storage cell surface
0 sqm
Posti pallet volume
Automated cell pallet places
Volume di stoccaggio
Automated cell storage volume
0 mc

Frigo Gel raises the standard in the field of temperature-controlled logistics for frozen products, setting the benchmark for reliability and quality in keeping frozen foods at -25 degrees. Our dedication to respecting the cold chain is the pillar on which the excellence of our services is based, ensuring that each product maintains its nutritional and organoleptic properties from origin to the point of sale.

Our advanced infrastructure is the beating heart of a logistics system that integrates the latest refrigeration technologies and the most sophisticated management software, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in temperature control and product traceability. Every stage of the logistics process is closely monitored, from reception to storage, from preparation to the last stage of distribution, with a constant focus on food safety and quality.

In addition, our industry experience enables us to offer customized advice and support, tailoring our solutions to the specific needs of our clients. Whether small batches or large loads, Frigo Gel guarantees the same attention to detail and commitment to preserving the quality of your products.

By choosing Frigo Gel as your logistics partner, you are assured of a service that goes beyond simple temperature-controlled storage. We offer you a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of frozen food logistics, giving you peace of mind and the assurance that your products arrive to your customers exactly as you intended: perfectly stored, safe and ready to meet market expectations.